Monday, March 28, 2016

Tumblr life

I definitely do not have a tumblr life but there are things that makes me feel a bit tumblr in my life, I thought I would share them with you!

1. Music, well it depends I love nice and cozy music like lost boy by Ruth B, but I also love summer so when ever I hear Lush Life by Zara Larsson I feel like it is summer and it makes me feel tumblry!!!

2. The next is cozy blankets in bright colours makes me feel so happy and calm and I just LOVE them!!!

3. The next thing I also bought recently it's a mason jar. It is so cute to drink hot chocolate in and it just is sooooo cute I totally recommend them!!!

4. This thing I actually forgot to show in my haul, it arrived to me yesterday but I have wanted it for sooo long!!! IT IS A CHALKBOARD!!!! I think these are soooo lovely and tumblry , I'm going to write cute quotes on mine and nice messages ad maybe goals I want to achieve.

5. The next thing isn't something you could buy it is actually sun!!! Is it just me that hets so affected by the weather. If it is sunny I just get soooo happy!!!!

6. PILLOWS. They are the best. I bought some pillows from H&M that arrived today I am soooo happy. I just loves pillows they make your room or bed or sofa just look perfect even though they are a bit expencive!!!

Okey I have some more I thought I write about but I don't have time, i'm sorry but well well it will come in another post, please follow my instagram @lonelygirlblog and I'll see you soon. Thanks for reading, byeeeee!!!!

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter (again...)

I just wanted to say HAPPY EASTER. I've seen that there are some people out there that are reading my blog which really blew my mind. I never thought anyone would read this, there is poeple from USA, Cayman Island, Latvia, England and New Zealand it just... blows my mind. I promise to do something bak. My instagram is @lonelygirlblog and if you follow I promise to follow back and please comment your blog names (if you have on) and I will go and read them immediately!!! Love you guys and thanks sooo much!!!
Now go smash the day and make the best out of it because you're worth it!!!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Serious shit (I am deeply sorry for the bad word)

Some times it feels like everything is deadly serious and that every little thing has to be the best at all times, I am sick of trying to do my best each time and I am sick of always getting disapoited at everything I do. Do anyone else feel this way?
Some times people say to me "is this going to matter in 50 years?" The answer for me at that moment is always yes but after a year I often don't remember those things so I probably just should have calmed down. I say that I am going to calm down next time it happens but I've also said that the last three years and each time a have a test ... well I'm not calm.
  So I am going to share a trick that I think works for me:

  1.  Think of the good things in life, such as shopping, tea and friends. Maybe fridays and coffee. It could even be silly as watching a animal jumping over other animals, hehe is that just me too?
                                                                 Poor goat...

     2. Okey another thing, if it is about a big test be organized and plan your studying!!! 

Okey I am defently not an expert so that is all I have for today but I hope I'll see you soon and take care, THANKS FOR READING!!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Collective Haul (spring)

It's finally here... the HAUL
Okey I bought some things spring edition. Let's just start because who actually want to read this...

The first things, TWO PILLOWS for my spring room  These are from H&M and they are about ten pounds each.
The one above is really cute with a quote on it which you all know I love, it is so inspirational!!!
The one below is light pink with a lot of flowers and it is sooo nice. It's a perfect spring and summer pillow and goes really nice with my blanket. They are both on delivery right now but a better review is coming!

Okey the next thing is my BLANKET it's suuuuuuuuuuper soft and cute, you just want too sleep with it. It's perfect for cold spring and winter days!!!
I bought this on primark for about 12 pounds.

The next thing is a "Mason mug" which I bought from a Swedish shop called "ahlens" and I thought it was so nice to drink coffee and hot chocolat in. I just love it...
It was about 2 pounds because it was such a good sale!!!

My next thing I bought some where in London but I found it in several places. It is depends new nail polish collection. It is called sorbet and it is a matte nail polish, it is just perfect for summer!!!

The last thing is kissy missy lip balm by zoella!!! I like it but the smell is not very nice and it is suuuuper pigmented (which could be a good thing). It is a bit scary to wear on your lips in public if you just want to wear it as a lip balm since it looks like a listick but if you want to have colourful lips I really recomend it!!!

Thank you for reading!!! Some more beauty products is coming up soon. HAPPY EASTER!!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cool kids

I wish that I could be like the cool kids, cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in.

There is always those perfect ones that always get an "A+" and I'm always jealous of them. They always fit in and they are always so secure, they have all that confidence that I am lacking of. One of the things I am most jealous of is that they could go and talk to anyone the walk past because they aren't shy and everyone loves them that's just how it is. I want to be able to talk with people I see without getting panic attacks, it's not fair.  The main different between the outsiders and the "cool kids" is the self confidence, they belive in their self but I don't belive in myself  and you probably doesn't in yourself so that is what we are going to fight for. Maybe you're insecure about your body or maybe you're insecure about your dialect or maybe you're just insecure about everything in yourself just as me. Whatever it is we are going to change that, spread love and create goals for yourself. This weeks goal is to talk to someone that you don't use to talk with, maybe say thanks to the bus driver or maybe talk to the ones beside you in the bus or maybe even talk to someone in you school like say hi or talk about an assignment, good luck!!!

Todays quote: Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

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Hi as you probably already know I am a lonely girl that decided to start blogging. I just want to write about how I feel and hopefully help as many others as possibly that also feels uncool, shy and alone. I want to start a community where we help each others to be brave and to not feel lonely. I'm also going to update about my life, hauls and more...

Lonley girl online is going offline (for all of you that have read girl online )